The Dog With A Curved, Warped Face Always Longs For A Loving Home

The story of Woody the dog who wishes to have a forever home

The dog had an incomplete childhood

According to SNARR Animal Rescue, Woody was bitten by another dog when he was five weeks old and Woody “had to self-medicate without veterinary care”.

SNARR came and rescued Woody because the owner had chained the dog outside and abandoned it. Woody spent six weeks alone, surviving on the kindness of neighbors who gave him food, until the SNARR found out and rescued him.

Woody’s family had previously moved and left the dog behind, SNARR wrote on Facebook. “We decided to take him away from this loveless place.

Although the face was deviated, the dog did not experience any health complications. “Woody looks a little bit different from normal dogs but it doesn’t bother us one bit, in fact that’s what makes us love him even more.

It’s not just his looks that his rescuers love. They soon learn Pit Bull has a big heart.

When Woody arrived at his foster home, his adoptive mother didn’t feel so great.

Jamie Bond’s adoptive mother said. “The first day we had Woody, I was sick with a fever,” “The dog knew something was wrong and was always by my side. He snuggled up with me on the couch all afternoon. Now, he is like a shadow of me, making sure that I am always safe and sound. Woody loves to curl up in bed and rest his head on my chest.”

Now 8 months old, Woody is also making up for her missed “puppy” time and is very playful and affectionate.

A dog with a crooked face is looking for a home forever.

SNARR should plan very selectively for those who want to adopt the dog because they want to find the most suitable home for Woody. They wrote, “Woody, so lovable, needs a little love and a little practice, he’s a bit of a hottie. He also needs a house without cats, he likes to chase them away.”

SNARR said: “We also believe it will grow best in a house with only bitches. “He is currently being raised with four other bitches and is absolutely amazing. Woody is great with kids, but we think older dogs (over 10 years old) are best with Woody, he doesn’t get aggressive with anything or anyone, but he’s a big dog, Can get agitated and jumpy at times, so larger dogs are better suited. “

Anyone interested in adopting Woody (and those who fit the criteria) can fill out an application at the SNARR Northwest website.

New update about Woody dog:

We have a touching update to share about Woody the dog. After months of searching for the perfect permanent home, SNAAR is pleased to announce that Woody has found a home full of love.

They shared pictures of him in his new home, Woody happy with a new family, new friends.

We wish Woody all the best with his new friends and also thank his new family.

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