The Dog’s crying real tears as no potential adopter picks her

Happy this little cutie was adopted and she has a good home.

Po.or fur baby so sa.d. A loving caring forever home that she deserves sweet angel

HPHS’ staff have always dedicated their lives to help the rescue dogs and unwanted stray animals. They always share the pictures of shelter dogs online to let them be more visible among people.

And in a trip of High Plains Humane Society in New Mexico, they were completely he.artbro.ken and took a photo of a dev.asta.ted pup. The photos show the dog looking through her crate in hope that she will be picked, and taken to a forever home.

The post directly went [vi.ral] and many people [ap.plied] to adopt the dog. And finally, The staff chose a woman to be her new mama. He is now so happy in her home.

So happy for this precious doggie that she finally got adopted into a great family!

This beautiful little sweetheart deserves a loving forever home! So glad this sweetie finally has a loving home!

Thanks to the kind lady for her unconditional love and giving her a new life.

Hope more people will offer help to those helpless especially unwanted sh.elter dogs and st.ray dogs. Please try our best whatever we can do to give them care and a better life…!

God bless you for adopting this po.or animal. Now a happy ending…!

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