The Enchanting Nicobar Pigeon Dazzles With Its Vibrant Colors!

Such a beautiful looking bird

These birds have brilliant plumage that gives them the appearance of miniature rainbows!
We all know that the Dodo is ext.inct, but there is still a chance to see the Nicobar pigeon, the closest living relative of the famous Dodo!

The Nicobar pigeon has a thin pointed beak, brilliant plumage, and a compact frame, whereas the Dodo has an onion-shaped bill, light gray plumage, and a muscular frame. Although these lovely pigeons are related to the ext.inct flightless bird of Mauritius, the two birds seem to have nothing in common.

The lack of natural predators on the small islands accounts for their brilliant iridescent coat. Because there is no need for camouflage to protect against predators.
Nicobar pigeons stand out from other pigeons due to their bright, colorful plumage!

With its dark slate gray body, iridescent blue upper parts, and copper-bronze coloration, the Nicobar pigeon is regarded as one of the most beautiful pigeons. Their gleaming coat is complemented by sparkling collars and contrasting whitetails.

These lovely birds can be found on India’s small island of Nicobar. They are also named after the island!

Unfortunately, the Nicobar pigeon, like the Dodo, is on the verge of ext.inction. This magnificent ground-dwelling bird is listed as ‘near thre.ate.ned’ due to, habitat, and the introduction of non-native pre.dators such as cats and rats to their breeding islands.

Father God, you have certainly made many beautiful and unusual birds. Sure that no one wants this magnificent pigeon to end up in the same fate as its dodo bird cousin!

Looks like God painted him by sweeping a rainbow over his body.

Father God you sure have created many beautiful and unusual birds 

Look at these absolutely stunning, gorgeous, and wonderful birds. Incredible!!!

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