The Frightened Puppy Screamed in Fear and Pain! His Head is Stuck in a Concrete Wall!

 Accidents involving puppies typically include their consuming something they shouldn’t, like carpet lint or snow salt. Sometimes they involve playing with the incorrect adult dog or falling off a table.

Rebel, a German Shepherd puppy from Riverside Country, California, who is 8 months old, discovered a novel, rare type of puppy mishap. He had his head wedged in a cinder brick wall for the whole of Monday afternoon.

Rebel’s owner had left the house, but a neighbor overheard Rebel screaming for help and called the Riverside County Department of Animal Services, who sent a team out right away.

When they arrived, they found a confused and slightly injured dog.

Whoa, how did he get in there was my first thinking. Sgt. James Huffman of Riverside County Animal Services noted in a press release. And why does the wall have such a large hole in it? According to the press release, Sgt. Huffman and his colleague Officer Hector Palafox rapidly assessed the dog’s respiration and determined that he was not in any immediate danger. The situation was terrible, yet he could still breathe easily.

Our main worry was keeping him from getting hurt, Huffman continued.

According to the press statement, both police officers confirmed the distance between the dog’s head and the brick wall. There was enough space to perform a rescue without damaging the wall or endangering the animal’s life.

According to the release, one cop worked on the dog’s head from one side of the wall while the other police focused on the dog’s midsection from the opposite side. In order to prevent the dog from suffering during the rescue effort, Officer Palafox pushed the dog’s ears back.

Rebel the dog was set free after a little gentle prodding and about 30 minutes into the rescue, according to the press release.

Sgt. Huffman continued, “He let us know if we were pushing too hard – yet he kept working right along with us. He was very helpful. His back legs tightened to assist in the direction we were moving, as you could sense. He was aware that we were on his side.

Rebel was not said to have suffered any long-term (physical) harm as a result of the occurrence.

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