The Kind Butcher Every Day Leaves Leftovers Outside The Store For Stray Dogs

It’s amazing to see how these street dogs are so conscious

A sweet video showing feral dogs foraging for leftovers from a butcher shop is warming animal lovers’ hearts. In the video, a pile of raw poultry bones is stored in a cardboard box that is left on the sidewalk.

One by one they hesitantly approached the box and took the bones that were already there for themselves. But what is remarkable is how caring each dog is, as they are polite each dog carries only a piece of bone.

Looks like an old Golden Retriever walking slowly to the box and grabbing a bone before slowly walking away. Another dog looked hesitant and cowered as he approached. Another dog wagged his tail happily, as if he couldn’t believe his luck.

The video appears to have first appeared on social media channels in March 2021 and is credited to TikTokker @ugursa_. The TikTok video has since disappeared but it has popped up on Facebook and reddit.

Many comments on how to behave well with street dogs.

A lawyer living in Puerto Rico shares that stray dogs are “super smart” and interact with a lot of different people. Most of the strays are shy, respectful of people, and learned not to run into the house, He observed the butcher handing out chicken carcasses. “Those are lousy for a dog, their favorite. Dogs absolutely LOVE bones (especially chicken bones). One chicken carcass is worth “bones” for 2 days. For most of these dogs, this single piece of meat is almost a meal in 2 days.. so these dogs are happy! “

Some also expressed concern about feeding bones to dogs, but others were quick to point out that cooked bones pose a greater threat to dogs as they can crumble and cause internal damage and injury. the bones discarded by the good Samaritans were the backbone.

Other viewers wondered if the video was shot in Turkey. One redditor confirmed the video was in Turkey, as they recognized the logo on the cardboard box as belonging to a Turkish company.

Another redditor commented that “In most Turkish cities, feral cats and dogs are treated very well. The municipality will check and tag them and release them back to the same neighborhood they were picked up from. They also receive regular veterinary care.”

They continued, “Everybody left food and water bowls, and many restaurants basically took them and took care of them. Many butchers and seafood markets will do this – they throw out scraps or feed strays if they come looking for food. “

“Like others have mentioned, cats basically run the city of Istanbul,” adds the researcher. “A few years ago, I was sitting on the patio, and a cat came up, literally nibbling at the chicken’s finger until the waiter told us which sauce the cat liked. It’s really heartwarming to see them so well taken care of, but it’s also sad when they’re in the elements, having to sleep outside. “

The unnamed butcher isn’t the only Turkish butcher with a good heart. Ikram Korkmazer, also living in Turkey, is clearly an animal lover. Dogs and cats often come to his shop to find food. His videos went viral after a video of a visiting cat, leaning on a meat counter to ask for a treat, amassed more than a million views.

Korkmazer also has a number of dogs patiently waiting outside on his sidewalk for a snack (or two or three).

And in the following video, you can tell that this butcher has his regulars as a dog eagerly wags his tail waiting for a plate of food.

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