The Smiling Kitten Has Captured The Hearts Of Millions!

Blossom is so adorable and such a beauty and the smile makes it even more precious

We can’t get enough of kittens because everything they do is adorable!

Blossom, a cute kitten, has gone viral on social media due to her adorableness. Lauren Boutz, the kitten’s adoptive mother, adopted her along with her two older sisters, Bubbles and Buttercup. This adorable trio also enjoys being photographed by their adoptive mother, who wants to capture all of their precious moments!

The three kittens are about 5 weeks old and extremely mischievous; they want to explore the entire world!

Lauren Boutz, 41, studies biochemistry in New Mexico. The kittens grew in her care, and they were soon running around the house. That’s why Boutz decided to hold a small photo shoot for this adorable trio!

All three are adorable, but the kitten named Blossom stands out the most due to her amazing smile!

People couldn’t believe a cute and precious cat like Blossom existed. It’s amazing how much joy a sweet smile can bring. Many people say that this adorable kitten’s smile brightened their day!

We’re sure you’ll smile when you see this super cute happy kitten!

Take a look at this trio of kittens’ photo series!

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