The World’s Favorite Rare White Whale Migaloo Has Been Sighted For The First Time!

Glad he’s been seen after so many of thought he may have passed.

Perhaps we are all familiar with blue-gray whales, but take a look at this unique whale!

Migaloo was discovered in 1991 and has since been spotted in Australian waters ever since.

Photos of the whale swimming off the south coast of Victoria recently surfaced, sending Migaloo fans into a frenzy.

There is more than one white whale in the world, and while humpback whales have many whites, not all of them are white, only this whale has such a distinct color!

‘Migaloo,’ which means ‘whitefella’ in several vernacular languages, was given to him.

The world’s favorite white whale, the Migaloo, may be returning to Australia sooner than expected. ‘We’re not 100% sure, but it could be him because he’s part of an eastern population that migrates at this time of year,’ said marine scientist Dr. Vanessa Pirotta.

If we ever get the chance to see this whale in person, we will be amazed because his special pure white color will illuminate the surrounding water, and when swimming, the seawater will turn him turquoise!

People are interested in learning more about him because he is so unique. He is a very sociable person who is frequently seen with his friend Milo.

This pure white whale is a living natural wonder!

What a magnificent creature!!!


Watch the precious video below:

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