This Dog Couldn’t Be Happier While ‘Shopping’ At Target, And Her Smiles Go Viral On Twitter

 A four-month-old Corgi-Aussie mix named Zira appears to have displaced Target’s canine mascot Bullseye in the spotlight. Zira’s human mother, @virgoprincxss, a Twitter user, recently shared photos of her dog taken while she was shopping at Target. Target was one of Zira’s favorite stores, so she was thrilled.

This happy doggo has been spreading good vibes across the Twitter world with 545k likes and 144k retweets. See Zira’s article below and be inspired to treasure life’s little pleasures by this happy shopper’s beautiful smile.

Zira’s pictures are adorable, but we want our viewers to know that Target only accepts service animals and is not a pet-friendly store. When Zira’s mother took the pictures, she was unaware of the store’s policy and later apologized on her blog after learning about it from a Twitter user.

Meet Zira, the dog who visited Target recently and was overjoyed. Her sincere joy was captured in this post, which received 545K likes and 144K retweets.

Just observe that cheerful face. She is a content shopper, just like the majority of us.

She has been encouraging people online, and she is incredibly popular.

She even inspired many pet owners to upload pictures of their animals having fun while shopping.

Given that it is forbidden to bring non-service dogs inside stores, some people questioned why Zira was in Target.

After realizing her error, Zira’s mother posted an apology and pictures of her daughter shopping at PetSmart on Facebook.

Zira consistently displays extreme happiness and makes for the best shopping partner ever.

People couldn’t help but identify with Zira’s pleasure as she had undoubtedly won the internet’s hearts.

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