This Dog Has An Angel’s Heart Despite Her Outward Appearance!

This beautiful girl needs a loving home. Hugs and love sweetheart.

Despite this dog’s angelic nature, her appearance is not appealing!
Since the dog was born with facial de.formities and restrictions, she does not appear to be loved and accepted by everyone. It’s unfortunate for her to live in a world where looks matter.

She has a nice name, Bethany. She is a Labrador retriever, and she is approximately a year old. She would have been a lovely puppy, but she had problems when she was born, making her little face very pa.inful and di.sfigured.

Luckily, she was met and saved from the streets of [U.kraine]. However, due to her appearance, she experienced lots of challenges. People are frequently ter.rif.ied to see her and rush away without giving her a chance. Her nose is entirely twisted to the right side of his face, and her eye is tilted incorrectly. When people first see her, they believe she was and want to avoid her because they are fri.ghte.ned of becoming in.fected.

Bethany is in desperate need of a loving home where she is cherished and protected. But that seemed to be too far away for her!

Bethany has been in the Safe Rescue for Dogs shelter in England for a long time. Despite being very docile and friendly, she was unable to find a home because of her appearance, even she is a great dog. She is healthy, friendly, happy, obedient, and she loves kids.”

Once, a family visited and expressed the intention to adopt her. Unfortunately, after viewing her face, they chose not to take her in. It broke her heart, but Bethany never gave up hope of having a new family where someone will accept and adore her defects.

Bethany will be delighted when she receives encouragement from strangers!
Hope someone can see the beauty from the depths of this sweet little owl’s soul!

God Bless you sweetheart! You are a beautiful little sweetheart! Hugs and many blessings and prayers!

Wishing her all the best and one day she will find a person who will give her all the love and happiness.
Bethany is an angel 

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