Tiniest Pit Bull Who Was Born Different Is Determined To Grow Up Strong Miracle Story

 On November 28, a very special puppy reached yet another amazing milestone. She turned 12 weeks old on that great day. She goes by Sasha.

The majority of puppies consider three months to be the average age. But, every day is a blessing for Sasha, who was born with hydrocephalus, a cleft lip, and a cleft palate.

Sasha has been cared for expertly by special needs cat rescuer Marie DeMarco since the day she was born. Her animal rescue group is known by the acronym FURRR 911, which stands for Felines Urgently Rescued, Rehabilitated, and Rehomed.

DeMarco specializes in bottle-feeding orphaned kittens and tending to sick, wounded, or special needs cats. She calls these fundamental truths “totally wrong.”

Despite the fact that she was a dog, Sasha could see straight away that she would blend in.

DeMarco said on Facebook that she has been a fighter from the beginning and has conquered many challenges during her tiny existence.

When I look into her eyes, all of it doesn’t matter.”

I identified as her foster mother. “I’ve worried and struggled, lost a lot of sleep, and got a few more grey hairs,” her foster mother said.

It’s exciting to see the tiny puppy’s weight climb to a little over two pounds after she recently overcame a horrible illness. Sasha was one of numerous cleft palate puppies who contracted upper respiratory infections.

In addition, she lost weight, had a fever, runny nose, vomiting, and itchy eyes. Sasha couldn’t afford to lose weight since she only weighed one pound!

DeMarco became more worried as Sasha’s illness persisted after receiving antibiotics. The delicate pup’s temperature was back to normal, but she was still listless, unsteady on her paws, and uninterested in food.

DeMarco took Sasha back to her doctor after suspecting hydrocephalus as the root of her issues.

Sasha began to improve under the doctor’s care and a rigid daily regimen of medications, fluids, and tube feedings. She had transformed back into her feisty, cuddly self by the time she was 12 weeks old.

Sasha is described by DeMarco as a “very calm and reserved puppy,” and she will probably adopt the role of her foster mother as her biological mother. This puppy stands out from other dogs in a unique way. She enjoys perching on or right over my foot.

Despite the fact that they are bigger than her, she enjoys cuddling with her cat friends and other rescue animals.

Sasha is about to travel a challenging path with no guarantees, yet she is surrounded by an ocean of love, adoration, and support.

DeMarco went on: “This animal is an excellent motivator. Sasha “proven to be a fighter with a tremendous passion to life,” the narrative says, despite her medical issues and genetic flaws.

Donors can contribute to Sasha’s care on the FURRR 911 website and track her progress on Facebook.

Update: Sasha, who was only six months old, crossed the Rainbow Bridge in March 2018. Throughout her brief life, she lavished affection and joy on her canine, feline, and human friends. FURRR 911, a rescue organization that has since taken in additional cleft-palate puppies, is keeping Sasha’s memory alive.

Volunteer photographer Gina Gencarelli took some great birthday pictures of Sasha.

You can see how cute Sasha is.

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