Two dogs with facial deformities become best friends who are always next to each other

Two adorable dogs with severe facial deformities become inseparable best friends ♥️

Picasso, a five-year-old canine, was born with a crooked nose, while his new best friend Newt, one, was born with no upper jaw after being bitten by his mother as a puppy.

The love between two canines with severe facial deformities is unshakeable.

Picasso and Newt’s strong connection has been revealed by Liesl Wilhardt, 53, founder and director of Lovable Dog Rescue.

Although both canines have significant facial deformities, they live contentedly on 55 acres of property in Oregon, USA.

Liesl took Picasso in 2017 when his sibling died suddenly, and then Newt in 2021, and the two immediately became inseparable.

Picasso, now five, was born with a crooked nose, while Newt, then one, was left with no upper jaw when his mother bit him.

Despite the everyday hardships they endure as a consequence of their deformities and Newt’s medical concerns, the pair now lives a very happy existence.

We watch their relationship in a sequence of movies showing their regular activities, such as feeding, playing, walking, and gathering berries.

“It was a marvel that Picasso lived as a newborn,” Liesl remarked, “since he would have struggled to even suckle from his mother.”

Newt has endured several other challenges, the most of them are unrelated to his missing upper jaw.

Picasso and Newt both like people, therefore they are extroverted and seek attention in public, and they enjoy welcoming people. Most people immediately perform a second take and then look at the dogs, attempting to figure out what they’re witnessing.

“They’re not in agony; they’ve learned to live with their physical limits and can accomplish practically everything they desire.”

“From the beginning, Picasso loves Newt since he likes playing and wrestling and is such a darling.

“Our bond became stronger as Newt grew older.”

“I really like Picasso and Newt; they are both wonderfully affectionate, joyful, clever, and amusing dogs.”

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