Unfaithful Husband Doesn’t Expect an Ordinary Box of Pizza Would Expose Him

An sudden return by Adrian’s wife completely altered the course of events, which had been supposed to be a hot evening between Adrian and his mistress. An innocent pizza box was the source of the true surprise, which was the revelation that Adrian had been unfaithful, which ultimately changed the trajectory of his life.

Adrian watched Claire prepare for yet another business trip as she stood outside their flat, surrounded by the lights of the city centre.

“More trips?” Alan let out a sigh.

Claire remarked, “It’s part of the job,” as she zipped up her suitcase.
What’s the matter, though? Adrian pleaded with him, “Your fashion emporium is in need of you.”

“I vow that it won’t be too much longer. Also, I’ll miss you a lot.

After she had checked in at the airport, Claire had the intention of informing Adrian about her pregnancy; however, she was interrupted by an urgent call from work, which prevented her from doing so.
When Adrian got back to his house, he mumbled, “Finally, she’s gone!” and got in touch with his girlfriend.

Roses are what I’ll deliver. “I am certain that you adore them!” she assured him.

“Come soon; I can’t wait!” The excited response came from Adrian.

Together, they experienced a romantic moment just as Vanessa arrived. Although she was spraying Claire’s perfume, she mocked her by saying, “You love my kisses and her perfume, don’t you?” They were in the middle of their moment when the doorbell rang.
When Adrian was looking for a pizza delivery, he ended up finding Claire instead. “Hey, honey!”

“Ms. Claire, you’ve returned? I was under the impression that you were in Hong Kong,” Adrian said.

“My flight was cancelled,” I said. It’s going to be three more days before I leave!

In an effort to divert Claire’s attention, Adrian hurriedly followed Claire while simultaneously concealing Vanessa’s underwear.

“Claire, I missed you!” When Adrian sensed that she was suspicious, he hugged her.

“Addy, you are behaving in an odd manner. In a perplexed tone, she stated, “It’s only been a few hours.”

“It felt like forever without you!” In an odd manner, Adrian explained.

Unconvinced, Claire responded, “Sure,” to him. “I was aware that I had heard something. When she pointed to the bedroom, she asked, “Who’s in there?”

“There is no one. “Obviously, it’s the windows,” Adrian stutteringly said.

As Claire approached the bedroom, she discovered that it was vacant. “I believed that I had heard someone. I received the impression that you had someone present.

According to Adrian, “No, it’s the windows,” he insisted.
The confession that Claire made was, “I feel like we’re drifting apart.” “And there’s something, I—”

She was reassured by Adrian, who said, “I love you more than anything else.” “Why don’t you take a moment to clean up? Surely, you are exhausted.

Vanessa was assisted in leaving by Adrian while Claire went to take a shower. However, at that very moment, the person who delivers pizza appeared.

The pizza is yours, sir! “I am sorry for the delay,” the gentleman who was delivering the package said.
“I don’t want it!” The fact that Vanessa had left brought a sigh of relief to Adrian.

One of the delivery people emphasised, “You are responsible for paying for it.”

Attempting to conceal the fact that he had ordered pizza for Claire, Adrian paid and then closed the door.

“Are you really into this spicy pizza?” As Claire struggled to swallow after a bite, she inquired.

“You apologised, saying that you liked heat,” Adrian said while lying.

Claire offered that they order something else or go out to eat, which she found strange. She made the decision not to declare her pregnancy since she was too fatigued to do so.

Adrian agreed, “Let’s order something else,” while feigning enjoyment of the spicy pizza with his purchase.

Concerned about their future as parents, Claire confided in a friend the following day about Adrian’s peculiar behaviour, expressing her thoughts on the matter.

How men deal with their feelings is different. It’s possible that it’s not what you think it is,” her companion, who just so happened to be named Vanessa, confirmed.

Although Claire was unaware of the fact that this Vanessa was Adrian’s mistress, she suggested that she take a trip by herself, but she became anxious when she pondered inviting Adrian.

“Let’s order food!” Vanessa evaded questions. When Claire found out that Vanessa had ordered a pizza with half ordinary and half double Tabasco, she was taken aback.

“I adore spicy pizza!” Vanessa asserted, but Claire had a feeling that things was not quite right.

Claire deceived herself by saying, “It’s just work,” while simultaneously drawing connections between Adrian’s actions, the mess in the bedroom, the spicy pizza, and now Vanessa’s affinity for it.

As she was leaving the restaurant, she contacted both Adrian and Vanessa, but none of them picked up the phone.

The realisation of the betrayal caused Claire’s heart to sink. However, it served to strengthen her resolve.
“Honey, who were you talking to?” Adrian was accosted by Claire.

Adrian avoided the question by saying, “No one important,” while viewing Claire’s filled suitcase.

“Another trip?” Adrian lost his temper.

“It’s for us!” Claire rebutted the argument.

It’s over for me now. Let us get a divorce!

“What is it? To what end?

You didn’t even make it here. Years have passed without the birth of a child! The accusation was made by Adrian.

Claire, who was in pain, defended herself. I put forth a lot of effort for us, Adrian. And we came to an agreement to wait!

The divorce and the partition of property was recommended by Adrian. Following her vacation, Claire decided to have a calm conversation about it.

In the process of planning their future together, Adrian called Vanessa, but she was concerned about being revealed.

“You shared my bed when Claire was away!” She was reminded by Adrian.

Vanessa switched her attention and suggested that they have pleasure in spending time together. However, as they were having an intimate moment, Claire was nearby, asking the person who delivered the pizza for some answers.

“Did you see her with my husband?” While displaying Vanessa’s photograph, Claire inquired.

It was confirmed by the delivery guy that “Yes, that’s in fact her!”
20 minutes after that…

Interrupting Adrian and Vanessa was the sound of the doorbell.

“Could you get that?” Antonio was teased by Vanessa. The pizza delivery person was waiting for him when he opened the door, and he was given a pizza box that contained divorce papers at that moment.

DISPUTE APPLICATIONS? This is a joke, right? Adrian let out a gasp.

“Check the signature!” Both of them were taken aback when Claire unveiled herself.

“Surprise!” It was announced by Claire. “Love blinded me to the fact that you were cheating on me, but I sensed it. Do you know how much I’ve missed having you as my husband’s mistress?

While Adrian was arguing, Claire disclosed that there was a concealed camera. “Enough lies!”

Adrian pleaded with Claire, but she had already made up her mind.

“You two liars are completely deserving of each other! Prepare your belongings and get ready to leave in one hour! The heartbroken but determined Claire stormed out of the room.

After several months, Claire was able to find serenity on a beach in Hawaii, while Adrian was aware of her pregnancy but never sought out to her. This was a result of Adrian’s selfishness and betrayal over the years.

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