Vietnam Veteran Wishes To Reunite With His Dog At The Last Moment Of His Life!

This not only helped the man it let the dog say its good bye too…!

A true love is the greatest happiness one could have.
Former Marine John Vincent, who grew up on a farm in Montana, joined the Marines at a young age and served for three years, including time in Vietnam.

The 96-year-old veteran is an orp.han with no family. Patch, his beloved dog, is all he has. The two will ride on Vincent’s Harley-Davidson motorcycle, with Patch wearing his own pair of goggles. The couple used to go for a walk every night after Vincent retired to New Mexico.

Shelter dogs, like Patch, are truly unique. Perhaps because of the hardships and loneliness they have endured, when you adopt a rescue dog, only you and you alone will be its sole owner in their eyes.

He never considered leaving his beloved dog, but when he was old and too weak, he was taken to a hospice, when Patch was temporarily transferred to an animal shelter.

However, John was running out of time. When asked what his last wish was, the old man said he wanted to see his pet dog Patch one last time and hug him. The caregivers did everything they could to make this meeting a reality.

Patch’s last encounter with John was intensely emotional. “Yeah, it’s me, it’s dad,” John said when Patch licked his face. – Are you happy to meet me? I’m very glad to see you.

Danny stated: It was a heartfelt farewell. It was a touching moment! They were overjoyed to finally meet to say their goodbyes. It is an honor for me to fulfill a veteran’s last wish.

Patch had found a new owner and would soon be joining his new home after his beloved owner di.ed, according to the shelter. Hope he has happy days like he did with John.

Surely, John, who is smiling in heaven, hopes that someone will look after and love this adorable little boy as much as he did!
God bless you!

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