When coming out of the shelter, the Pitbull puppy can’t stop wagging its tail because of happiness

Although shelter staff see a significant number of dogs in the course of their employment, each shelter has at least one dog who stands out from the others.

Matilda was a beautiful puppy that was welcomed at the Douglas County Animal Shelter. The employees at the shelter recognized straight away that Matilda had an uncommon attitude as she was usually cheerful and eager. Matilda was adopted immediately after she arrived at the shelter.

When you consider that Matilda’s first few months of life were incredibly challenging, this came as a great surprise to the doctors there.

When the shelter discovered the two-month-old puppy, she had skin irritation and was afflicted with worms. She had been a stray dog on the streets of Georgia ever since she was born.

Nevertheless, in spite of all of those hurdles, she never lost her cheery personality and continued to wag her tail at all times.

A volunteer called Santina Sanders told The Dodo that the lady in question provided the “most amazing kisses.” “She was the most adorable thing that had ever existed.”

Pibbles & More Animal Rescue was another rescue group that fell in love with the adorable puppy because of the way she interacted with the animals. Sanders was not the only one who took notice of the nice attitude of Matilda.

Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo, one of the directors of the organization, established a connection to the joyful and energetic Matilda, and as a consequence, she took the choice to rescue the dog from the shelter and placed her in a foster family.

When the dog’s foster father came to collect the puppy, the puppy’s happiness was so evident that she never stopped wagging her tail even after the vehicle ride had lasted for an hour and a half.

The way she walks is twisted because of how vigorously she wags her tail.

Matilda was a nice natured dog, but there was one thing she couldn’t abide, and that was collars. When Rich, her foster dad, tried to place a collar on her, she stopped wagging her tail, which was a strong indicator that she did not enjoy the collar.

But other than the collar, the adorable dog is pretty thrilled with everything else in her new home.

She enjoys spending time with her foster siblings, playing with her toys, and aiding her human brother with his academics. She often goes to her human brother’s residence to assist him with his tasks.

Please don’t scroll without giving her some love! 

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