Woman sees elderly and blind Arctic fox dumped in dog shelter and jumps to save him

 In the Arctic, there dwells the Arctic fox. The tundra and hillsides near the sea are where they are most frequently seen. The Arctic fox is a species of least concern because there are hundreds of thousands of them in the wild and their population is stable.

Many individuals wish to keep a fox as a pet even though all fox species are thought of as wild creatures. Regrettably, just 15 states allow for fox purchases on an individual basis. In these 15 states, some foxes are prohibited.

It is believed that foxes are unrestrained, “inherently dangerous,” predators. They are difficult to care for even though they are loud, vivacious, and eager to claim their area.

When he was eight years old, an elderly, blind Arctic fox named Archie was dumped in a Colorado dog shelter. His owners were either unable to properly care for him or had lost interest in keeping him up to date.

He was from Colorado, and he hated being in a Minnesota fox rescue. While he was there, he didn’t want to leave or interact with other foxes. After some searching, he discovered Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue, a two-pronged rescue effort.

The first stage is to construct a permanent residence for foxes that have been bred in captivity and are unsuited for release. The second step involves treating New York’s native fauna before returning them to the outdoors.

“Archie was clearly very shy when he first came here, but what’s really wonderful is that Archie has really broken out of his shell,” said Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue CEO Kimberly DeFisher.

Despite her warning, Archie allows Kimberly to touch him since he thinks the word “touch” implies “prize.”

Kimberly told GeoBeats Animals that because Archie was born blind, he has occasionally run into things and is aware of his limitations. Lulu, Archie’s second love interest, keeps him company.

Archie and Lulu occasionally have playdates with another fox pair from the shelter, Tundra and Cleo.

“Many people wonder why I devote so much time and effort to these animals that some could consider unwanted.

I’ve seen what a wonderful life can do for them, and seeing those results has further inspired me to work harder with Archie to see if I can give him the best life imaginable,” Kimberly said.

She remarked that Archie was living his finest life and that she had not anticipated how enjoyable it would be.

Kimberly realized that many of the pets in her care lacked the instincts of their wild counterparts. They were unable to survive the elements, go food hunting and gathering on their own, or defend themselves against predators.

Archie will shortly turn 10 years old, which is the usual age for an Arctic fox, she she stated. Thanks to Kimberly, his next ten years will be fulfilling and pleasurable.

She added, “I feel happy and fortunate to have this chance to build this relationship with him.

More than a million Archie fans have viewed this video.

“Archie is gorgeous. I’m delighted you were able to save him because every animal deserves to be cherished and treated with respect. One critic said he is still beautiful.

There is never a point when an animal is “old enough” or “not worth the time and effort.” Another individual responded, “Thank you, Arctic Fox Daily, and everyone who understands the incomprehensible significance of the creatures with whom we share our homes.

We hope that many people would reconsider their desire to own a fox because of all the unique requirements that they have that require a lot of time and effort to meet. There are many dogs in shelters that need to be adopted, despite the fact that they are easier to care for at home.

Archie the blind Arctic fox can be seen in the video down below!

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