Woman was “dead” for 27 minutes, but as soon as she came to, she scrawled a terrifying message.

While hiking with her husband Brian after 30 years of marriage, Tina suffered a heart attack. Brian was the first to administer CPR, saving her life. Between the arrival of the ambulance and her hospitalization, Tina had to be resuscitated six times, spending a total of 27 minutes in a “dead” state.

After receiving critical care, Tina remained unresponsive, and her family could not communicate with her. Brian prayed fervently for her recovery, and when the medical staff eventually informed him that she had regained consciousness, his prayers seemed answered.

However, Tina’s first communication was ominous. She requested a pen and paper and wrote something that sent chills down the spines of those present. Watch the video below to discover more about Tina’s remarkable survival, her near-death experience, and the chilling message she conveyed. Share this incredible story with your loved ones on Facebook by clicking the button below.

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