Young boy offered any Animal in the Shelter, picks 10-Year-Old XL ginger Cat!

What a loving pair so glad they found each other!

What a great little boy – they both will be great friends.

Looks like this cat is going to have a wonderful new home. With lots of love and care Home Sweet Home!

Easton, a young boy from Canada, was offered the choice of any pet in the animal shelter.
There were plenty of adorable pups and kittens, but Easton landed on a 10-year-old cat named Tiny.

This boy is so special.

Contrary to his name, Tiny is actually quite large. The substantial ginger cat was described by the shelter as being weight challenged as well as shy.
Tiny has a big round belly that he loves to have rubbed.

Tiny was originally brought to the shelter with his sister, Trinity. Their previous owner could not care for them anymore, and was forced to surrender the cats. They were both holding out for hope in the possibility of being adopted when Easton’s mother decided they would welcome a new pet.

Ginger genes are very loving and loyal.

Trinity wasn’t that attached to her brother, and may still be looking for a forever home…, BUT Tiny belonged to Easton the moment he set eyes on the cat. It was even more apparent after their first visit to the shelter.

The family officially sealed the deal by signing the adoption paperwork and an incredible image taken on the way home showed Tiny lounging in, or rather, completely taking over, his new owner’s lap. On the ride home Tiny got out of his cage and cuddled in with his new owner and has been stuck to him ever since.

Thank you to both of them for recognizing a kindred spirit. Hoping they have many loving years and experiences together.

That is so sweet and the kitty will gets lots of love and attention , that’s awesome!

So happy your cat has a loving forever home.

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