18-Year-Old Dog Finally Found A Loving Home After Years Of Searching

When dogs are sent to animal shelter, they will usually find a home within a few weeks. But special dogs like the Pitbull are different, they may never see the permanent home they are looking for.

Across the country, shelters receive more than 3.1 million dogs annually, but only 2 million find their way to new homes. Of those 1.1 million dogs, older dogs have the most difficulty.

This is very true for Kane, a Pitbull, the breed that has earned a bad reputation due to their unscrupulous owners. So, when the 18-year-old dog arrived at the shelter, the outlook did not look good.

Being a senior dog meant that whatever family took him would also have to support his medical issues. He was blind in one eye and had poor eyesight in the other, and the poor dog had severe arthritis.

But despite the mounting medical bills and his age, the sweet boy deserved a loving home. “He’s a wonderful companion,” said his foster mom, Carole Sandy. “He’s very friendly. He’s very easy.”

The senior dog was supported by Carole and the shelter staff. They spoke about him on their social media pages and even broke the news about Kane. Finally, the loving family learned about the senior dog and contacted Carole.

Kane was adopted by a couple Phil and Ewa Halverson, and his new family could not have been happier. Thanks to the work of Kane’s foster mom and the shelter, Kane could live his final days in happiness and peace.

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