18-Year-Old Girl Left Her Newborn Baby at the Hospital

18-year-old Rosaline, fearing her circumstances, abandons her newborn at the hospital but returns three years later. Nancy, a nurse, assists Rosaline during her labor and helps deliver a baby boy named Steven. However, the next morning, Rosaline disappears, leaving a letter and a diamond, promising to return with $100,000 in a year for Steven. Unable to part with the child, Nancy keeps Steven, raising him as her own.

Three years pass, and Rosaline resurfaces, offering $300,000 but demanding Steven back. Nancy refuses, deeply attached to Steven. Rosaline explains her troubled past – a teenage pregnancy, rejection by her family, and a desperate act to secure her child’s future. Nancy, torn between empathy and her love for Steven, refuses to let him go.

In a desperate move, Nancy uses the diamond as evidence of Rosaline’s theft, filing a complaint against her. The story highlights the complexities of motherhood, love, and the moral dilemmas faced when protecting a child’s well-being.

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