A di.sa.bled man putting under ri.sk his li.fe to rescue a kitty stu.ck in a st.orm drain!

Brilliant man he did not let is di.sability get in his way!

Good on that man…! Pity the more able person just stood and watched. Thank you–you are an angel.

A di.sa.bled man by rescuing his life tried to safe the kitten’s that was st.u.ck in a storm drain. He named is Mujtahid who is 30 years old. He is a paralympic athlet and the one that did this heroic act.

Thanks for saving the kitten!

As he saw the kitten holding from the barrier, he understood that he needs to act really veey quickly. He got off from his wheelchair and went down to [the ba.nk] to save the ho.plessly [dr.owning] cat.

He is a true hero. Thanks to him him the kitty now can live his happy life. After saving him he jumped back to grass happily and ran back to his house…!

What a great guy

What a heartfelt but dan.ge.rous thing for him to do. A True Hero and a kind hearted person. 

A lovely man! God bless you for your selflessness and courage! Bless him.

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