A Touching Story Veteran And Loyal Dog Go To Heaven Together.

The touching story of a veteran and his loyal dog going to heaven together.

The life of a brave veteran.

Daniel Hove has dedicated his entire life to serving his country. He spent many years in the Air Force. After being discharged from the army, he became a firefighter.

In 2012, Hove was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer by his doctor, a diagnosis of ‘devas.ta.ting’.

Daniel has a loyal 11-year-old Labrador called Gunner. This couple are best friends they never leave each other.

The loyalty and love of a Gunner dog travels the world, and this dog proves it in an incredibly moving way.

Sadly, Hove’s condition worsened in the last years of his life. But Hove and the dog Gunner are always cuddling together. The dog is extremely loyal, it never leaves its owner.

Daniel Hove the veteran and the dog Gunner are together forever.

Hove’s condition became increasingly complicated despite chemotherapy treatments. Gunner is always by Hove’s side even in his sleep. Gunner’s health drops ‘li.ne’ along with Hove’s health.

Hove’s daughter Heather Nicoletti said: ‘They were best friends until the end.

The dog has been “fa.lling ill” since Hove’s condition became more and more serious.

Hove and his dog Gunner have entered this never-ending phase together. “Hove doesn’t react, dog Gunner doesn’t react.

After several days, Gunner became listless. His arm began to swell and become unresponsive. Heather knows it’s time to say goodbye to her dad’s dog Gunner.

Heather said: ‘I called the vet clinic where I used to work, they let me in right away and I took him up there, put him to sleep. then about an hour and a half later, my father also passed away.

Our hearts go out to their family with nothing more grieving than the loss of a father and four-legged family member.

“We know they will go together. but no one thought they went together at the same time.

when they lived the good life they were always together and now go to heaven they go together too.

Let’s pray for them to always be together!! 

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