Abandoned Puppy Without Mother Born with Spinal Malformation, Nothing will hold her back

 Hello from Tipsy! When she was a little child, she was abandoned at birth.

A member of their rescue squad discovered her helpless and on the verge of fainting out on the ground, according to PowShow. Because of their devotion and concern, Tipsy is growing.

At the age of two weeks, Tipsy started to walk. She had no flaws at the time, therefore they were unaware that she had a congenital spinal problem.

Even though it was a little early for weaning at just over three weeks old, she was growing. She couldn’t wait to taste some meaty foods.

She had been moving properly, but now she hardly moved at all. She often shuffled or dragged her back legs, but they were still able to move and feel pain. Unfortunately, this is when we recognized there was a severe issue.

Before we could schedule a visit with a neurologist, we began physical therapy and passive range of motion exercises.

She suffered some sort of spinal fracture or luxation, according to radiographs. The patient’s spine’s T-spine area exhibited loss of vertebral bodies and bone density even in the initial X-rays.

We never observed any symptoms of trauma that would have caused the fracture or luxation, and she never displayed any signs of pain. According to the doctor, she could have easily given birth to the deformity without going through much stress because this was a congenital disease.

As long as we kept up with her physical therapy, she was improving. Nothing can stop her since she is the most determined dog in the world!

Her foster couldn’t believe they had made it this far while drinking; she is only 7 weeks old and already able to work and run a little bit.

After receiving her first acupuncture session yesterday, she slept soundly for the next three to four hours.

At nine weeks old, she is receiving a wheelchair, but her foster parents have found that due of the way she responds to her environment, she has trouble utilizing it. But after some practice, she’s starting to get the hang of it.

At 16 weeks old, Tipsy is able to play with other dogs and be wheeled around the field. As much as the other dogs do, she loves playing this game.

She has been aging for 20 weeks, but she is still the happiest girl in the world.

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