An Elderly Gentleman Travels With His Rescue Dogs On His Hand-Built Train Trip!

What a Wonderful Elderly Man so KIND 

What a special person to care that much for the homeless dogs!
You are a wonderful such a caring man to see and what you do for these fur babies so thankyou for your loving and also the kindness you give to them you are amazing bless you.

Over twenty years after he retired, Eugene Bostick decided to adopt a magnificent stray puppy since he was feeling a little lonely at the time.

Texas’s Fort Worth is a clearing where str.ay dogs are [fr.equ.ently thr.own]. Eugene couldn’t bear to see these animals wandering aimlessly and suffering from hun.ger and co.ld, especially lack of love, so he adopted the 2nd, 3rd, and so on….

The puppies are all named by Eugene, he bathes the pups with love, patting their heads in a friendly way as a way of communicating with them.
However, as the number of dogs grew, Eugene found it increasingly challenging to walk his pets, which is how the train came to be.

Several times a week, Eugene takes the dogs he looks after for walks around the neighborhood or in the woods in their very own tiny crate with a harness.

Eugene puts the canines he cares for in their very own little crate with a harness and takes them for walks around the community or near the woods several times a week. The puppies love to hang out at Eugene’s 12-acre farm, which is home to ducks, geese, tortoises, bunnies, goats, and birds. This is the nicest part of their day!

We hope that more and more dogs will be able to ride on trains like this after seeing the pleasant and cheerful expressions of canines while they are traveling by train.
Many people are interested in the unique and cute idea of Eugene, are you interested in creating a train for your dog?

How lovely the dogs look like they are enjoying themselves!

That’s totally awesome. what a great guy,God bless him and his pups! Special place in heaven for him.

What a Wonderful idea for all the dogs they would really appreciate this guy for giving them love!

God Bless you sir for saving these precious furbabies!

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