Arnold Schwarzenegger Proudly Introduces His New Dog Named “Schnitzel”

Arnie, 74, called his new dog Schnitzel after his “favorite Austrian cuisine” and “own moniker” after receiving her for Christmas.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a legendary Hollywood actor, unveiled his new puppy dog ” Schnitzel ” to roughly 22.1 million Instagram followers, revealing he’s in love with his “beautiful little meatball” even though some of his other favorites are struggling to get along with their new puppy dog partner.

On Christmas Day, 74-year-old Arnie received a new pet, which he named Schnitzel after his favorite Austrian food and, in part, his own last name.

I notified my newsletter readers last week, and now it’s time to reveal the new member of the family to you, he stated in the Instagram photo of him cuddling Schnitzel.

I gave her a gift for Christmas! Schnitzel is both my own name and the name of my favorite Austrian food.

last name He spoke. “I can’t remain to continue filming and making videos of her as she ages. She and Dutch were once fashionable musketeers. We’re working on all of the relationship dynamics after Lulu attempted to beat Cherry after Cherry repeatedly showed her teeth to her. He spoke of.

As long as Whiskey has food, at least, she doesn’t care about anything. She’s a sweet little meatball, though. Added he.

Other favorites of the Terminator star include a jackass by the name of Lulu, an atomic horse by the name of Whiskey, and kids named Dutch, pate, and Cherry. Schnitzel was also included in the list.

Arnie claimed that having a house full of adorable pets had helped him survive the COVID-19 pandemic. He made a preliminary admission, saying, “It’s so dreadful when you have things around and they play with you and perform funny effects and bat around the house.

I consider myself to be quite fortunate to be able to go such creatures, to have the space for such creatures, or to have the time necessary due to the coronavirus to spend the most of my time at home. He spoke.

It’s quite enjoyable to watch this and take in the enthusiasm. In a way, I think it’s also corrective,” he concluded.

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