Brutus Brought Kayden His Favorite Toy When He Cried.

Dogs are what make a house feel like a home.

Dog Gives Crying Baby His Favorite Toy To Comfort Him

Dog Comforts Crying Brother By Bringing Him His Favorite Toy!

Brutus the Bullmastiff is a big, loving, and cuddly dog. Bonnie Michalek and her husband have had Brutus since they got him in 2016, as soon as they had a house big enough for a big dog like him.

Bonnie Michalek, from California, and her husband love their pet bullmastiff Brutus like family—Bonnie said they even call the dog their “first baby.”

Despite Brutus’ penchant for destroying toys, he’s the most loyal and gentle dog.

Brutus the bull mastiff

What a good big brother!

When Michalek became pregnant with her first child, Brutus got even more protective of her.

At first, Michalek just thought Brutus was being clingy. But looking back, she realized he was trying to keep her safe. He definitely sensed it before I knew

Brutus is actually a very warm and playful dog, but Bonnie and her husband were worried at how Brutus would react in case they got pregnant with their first child.

When the baby was due, she and her husband brought Brutus over to her mom’s house.

Michalek gave Brutus lots of hugs and kisses to show him how much she loved him. Then, she let him into the room to meet Kayden.

Brutus and Kayden have been close buddies ever since, and the dog has been willing to do anything for the baby… including sharing his favorite possession.

Sweet Bull mastiff brings baby brother his favorite toy whenever he cries

Whenever he hears Kayden cry, Brutus knows he has to help somehow. So he started bringing the famously sacred fluffball over to Kayden.

He grabs his favorite toy to bring it to Kayden to console him!

Brutus will carefully carry this toy around his mouth, making sure not to tear it. Brutus truly loves this toy.

It’s clear that this dog is going to look over his new best friend for a long time.

Em bé sơ sinh với bull mastiff

From that moment on, Brutus and Kayden were inseparable.

Brutus and Kayden are a sweet pair of brothers who are always going to look out for each other.

What a great dog! It goes to show how caring pets can be around babies.

Adorable and unconditional love for the baby!

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