Chevy Has A Permanent Smile On His Face And It’s The Sweetest Thing

As much as we attribute human qualities to animals, we know that they don’t show their emotions in the same way as we do. But then, who can look at a dog with their tongue hanging out and not think that the dog is smiling?

But Chevy is different. This dog has a constant smile on his little face and his happy expression can instantly cheer up even the Grinch. Chevy is a 9-year-old Pomeranian that’s always up for a good time.

This is Chevy. He is a 9-year-old Pomeranian.

Chevy always has a little smile on his little face.

No matter what, this little grin never leaves his adorable face.

Chevy’s owner, Tina Denlinger, said they were looking for a dog to keep their corgi mix company after their golden retriever passed away. They found out about Chevy from an advertisement in a newspaper.

Turns out, Chevy was with a group of Dachshunds who weren’t big fans of him. So Tina’s husband decided that Chevy was going home with them.

Tina says that Chevy is a bit of a local celebrity due to his smiley face!

He is even a fire certified dog!

Apart from being an adorable, clever and brave dog, Chevy is always up for a costume run. This is the real Mr. America.

Santa Paws coming in with his Christmas cheer.

Taking a turn as Mickey Mouse. I’d say this one is a total win!

Serenading you with his music.

Tina says they first noticed his smile when they were bringing him back from the vet after his neutering.

She said that people always message her telling her that they use Chevy’s pictures to cheer them up.

According to Tina, this smile isn’t a lie. Chevy is always happy and relaxed.

Chevy also loves spending time with his Corgi sibling. Here’s the two of them frolicking in the snow.

They enjoy each other’s company very much and have lots of adventures together.

Going for a ride is one of their favourite things to do.

They even take rides in the golf cart.

His family loves photoshopping him into cute and funny images. Like this one with Chevy as a customer service person.

Can you spot Chevy amid all these meerkats? Is Chevy part Meerkat?

Here we see Chevy depicted as his true self: a king.

This boy is a very sweet and affectionate dog. He loves his family very much and in turn they love him to bits too.

Chevy is a truly special dog and we are all lucky that we get to witness his awesomeness.

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