Cute canine that has ears resembling small cinnamon buns.

Not only is this puppy cute, but it’s incredible that she was able to discover happiness on her own.

dog rescue cinnamon roll

This little adorable creature should never be left alone.

After hearing that Georgia’s rural area had a litter of puppies that needed to be saved. When Deane, the president of the canine rescue group Pit Sisters, noticed a puppy with ears that curled inward, she was surprised and immediately took action to help.

The puppy and its sibblings were discovered at a public shelter all by themselves and were presumably ab.a.n.d.oned by their careless owner because they were all u.n.d.e.rweight and w.o.r.m-i.n.f.ected.

Although it was expected that all of her siblings would have large, pointed ears, but only one puppy has the uinique appearance and that is Cinnamon

dog rescue puppy cinnamon

Cinnamon and her sibblings are safe now and should get better after being aband.o.n.e.d.

Even though they were just 5 weeks old, Deane claimed that they had received no attention at all. “We brought them directly to our veterinarian so they could receive quick medical attention, and they’re all doing much better now.”

Her innocence looks has been shared widely online, bringing her a great deal of attention while placing her and her siblings up for adoption.

“I’ve never seen a dog with ears like hers,” Deane said. Everyone finds her to be quite adorable, and her personality is much sweeter!

Deane remarked, “Cinnamon is really fiery, in a good way. She gets along well with other dogs and is quite sweet. Her ears exactly reflect her eccentric and lively attitude.”

dog rescue cinnamon roll

The Pit Sisters organization had to close its doors since the time of this story, which was published in the beginning of 2019.

dog rescue cinnamon

I’m so happy she’s receiving the love she deserves; she is truly stunning.

It’s hard to ignore your pets, who are your best friends and will never betray you under any circumstances. Please don’t leave them behind; they are gorgeous.

If you like this story, please consider sharing it with your family and friends so that they will never leave their beautiful furry.

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