Dad Gets His Own ‘Cone Of Shame’ So Dog Doesn’t Feel So All Alone

Ollie is a wonderful dog who has no need to be embarrassed.

And he has a friend who will tell him.


Ollie had minor surgery the other day, which resulted in a few stitches. Following that, he was fitted with a protective collar, known commonly as the “cone of shame,” to allow the wound to heal without being disturbed.

Of course, this was hardly a welcome new item for the pooch.

“Ollie was really miserable with the cone on,” Ollie’s owner, Alex, told The Dodo. “He was basically moping around, feeling sorry for himself.”


When Alex’s father noticed Ollie was feeling lonely and depressed about having to wear the cone, he decided to attempt to relieve the dog’s mind by joining him in his difficult situation.

He discovered another cone in the family’s storage room and placed it on himself.

When Alex went to see Ollie and her father, she found the following:

“I simply chuckled and phoned my mother to come see,” Alex explained.

They weren’t the only ones whose moods were brightened by Dad’s kind gesture.

“Ollie appeared to be a little happy,” Alex added.

Fortunately, the cones were only temporary for both Ollie and Alex’s father.


Ollie has subsequently had his stitches removed and has been given permission to remove his “cone of shame.” Alex’s father, of course, followed suit, his empathic acts having aided Ollie’s recuperation while also providing Dad with a greater understanding of what the pup had been going through.

“Ollie is doing fantastic. His sutures have healed beautifully “Alex stated. “They’re both no longer wearing cones. Ollie was only had to wear it for a week. My father lasted barely a few hours!”

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