Dave Bautista Adopted Two Abandoned and Abused Pit Bulls From A Shelter

Florida dog shelter, Rescue Me Tampa, turned to social media in their time of need. Well, not their time of need but rather the genuine and heartbreaking need of two very special pups. Maggie and Ollie were two bonded bully breed dogs who were surrendered to the shelter by their owners… because of a new baby. It’s not unheard of for families to turn their backs on their furry friends when the dynamics of their family change, but dogs suffer greatly for this reason. The bonded pair was separated, adding to their emotional turmoil. Rescue Me Tampa pleaded with followers: “This is so sad these 2 aren’t even housed together!! They have no idea what they did to deserve this. It just breaks my heart. They lived their whole life together!!!”

They added: “Please consider these 2 together. They just lost everything they knew and loved. Although not kennelled together or listed as bonded they have lived together since they were pups so that in our opinion is BONDED!!”

The 6-year old pair of pups were in a dire and desperate situation.

Just three days later, the shelter’s Facebook page delighted to announce:

Maggie and Ollie have been adopted!!!!! Maggie has left the building and Ollie is being vetted…we will update when Ollie leaves to be re united with Maggie….Thank you Thank You!!!!

Their hero turned out to be none other than famous actor Dave Bautista!

When he brought the pair of pups home, he turned to his personal Instagram to gush about his new family members. He said, they needed him and he needed them.

Their hero turned out to be none other than famous actor Dave Bautista!

These beautiful babies spent the first six years of their lives neglected and abused. And now they are going to spend the rest of their lives being spoiled and loved.

Eternally grateful to the amazing animal lovers… in Tampa who worked so hard to keep them safe, find them a home and most importantly keep these two together.

Ladies and gentleman I introduce to you….. Maggie and Ollie Bautista.

Lisa Bricker, the director of development at Frankie’s Friends, a charitable pet foundation, told TODAY:

He has an amazing heart for animals, but I think what is even more beautiful about how he connects with pit bulls is that it’s just such a seamless, loving, humble way that he reaches out to dogs and he really connects.

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor is reportedly spoiling them with ‘tempurpedic dog beds’ and ‘doggy doors everywhere’ in Bautista’s ‘huge, gated property’.

To Dave Bautista I was so happy to read that you adopted both dogs Wow, you have such a big heart ! Thank you for your love of a animals. -Michelle

As the Internet sings his praises, Bautista is enjoying the good life with his two very good and very deserving dogs.

That is such a good story, love the way it ends, back together and what a great person Dave is to do something so totally awesome. – Debra

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