Dog And Cat Inseparable Friends Found A New Home Together

After their human passed, four cats and a dog were sent to DeKalb County Animal Services in Georgia. Three were adopted, and one of the cats and the dog, who were inseparable, found a permanent home together.

The animals were flea-infested and in terrible health overall. The animals were brought to a dedicated cat area when they arrived at the shelter.

CREDIT: LifeLine Animal Project

Flearoy, the dog, was kept apart from them in the shelter guard’s office since the staff believed he required more attention.

A few days later, when the shelter’s parenting coordinator, Brandi Crabtree, took Flearoy to play and they walked by the cat room, Flearoy became really happy.

Flearoy escorted Bradi into the room and raced to the cage containing three of her cat brothers, Brandi, Kerry, and Tracy.

He appeared relieved to see them again.

The first three cats were quickly adopted, but the fourth, Andie, was still being treated at the shelter’s veterinary facility.

When he was finally feeling better, a staff worker took him back to the cat area, where Andie spotted Flearoy.

CREDIT: LifeLine Animal Project

“They both really lighted up, and Andie started kissing Flearoy, and Flearoy wagged his tail so hard that his whole buttock moved,” Karen Hirsch of the LifeLine Animal Project, which operates Delkalb County Animal Serves, said.

“Andie began licking and purring on his back.”

The staff agreed that the two closest friends should not be separated any longer, so they allowed Andie to join Flearoy at the office.

“They’re always curling up,” Karen observed.

The best part is that the two were just adopted together and now have a new family.

CREDIT: LifeLine Animal Project

Ali Carter adopted Flearoy and Andie, who already had another dog brother waiting for them.

CREDIT: LifeLine Animal Project

The inseparable and beautiful pals now have a new permanent home thanks to the shelter personnel and her new parents.

CREDIT: LifeLine Animal Project

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