Dog Assumes Owners Hate Baths, Too — So He Always Brings His Favorite Toy To Comfort Them

Clark is a kind and compassionate dog. He adores his owners, Rebecca Jude Weaver and her fiancé, as well as the green plastic toy he takes around with him everywhere.

Clark, on the other hand, has a pet peeve: baths. He despises baths.


Things haven’t been the same for Clark and his family since they moved into a new home with a tub last summer. The shower at their previous residence was apparently not an issue; but, this porcelain basin item is a completely other matter.

Rebecca told The Dodo, “The bathtub is the bane of his existence.”

Clark, in fact, is now sure that no one could ever like spending time in the tub after suffering through his first bath. As a result, whenever Rebecca or her fiancé go for a scrub, the devoted dog does his best to comfort them.


Clark always appears at the rim of the tub when his owners are bathing, appearing rather disturbed for them because to the terror they must be experiencing.

“He wants to get us out of the bath,” Rebecca explained. “He’s there for around five minutes.” This is the most painful part for him, and he is really unhappy and sad.”

But then he recalls something that could relieve their bath-time problems, just as it does for him when he’s forced to take a bath: his green toy.

And just going about the effort is enough to calm Clark’s nerves.


“He walks out and returns a few seconds later with his green toy, which he quickly places in the tub, to which he instantly cheers up!”” Rebecca stated the following. “It’s everything he’s got, and he gives it every time. He’s extremely kind.”


Clark seemed to want to play at first, according to Rebecca and her fiancé. But, as it turns out, this is not the case.

“After he drops his toy in, we offer it back and he never takes it (but we still try),” Rebecca added, appreciating his compassion. “We constantly compliment him on his good behavior and give him a pet.”

Clark will only share his green toy in this scenario, making the act all the more meaningful.


Sure, Clark’s view of the bath — and his concern for people who use it — is exaggerated. But Rebecca and her fiancé understand that it just means he adores them and wants to ensure their happiness and safety. Clark is the only one.

“He’s always been the most kind dog. “He’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever met,” Rebecca added. “I’m not saying that just because he’s our dog. He’s never snarled at anyone in his life.”

But you can guarantee he’ll be the first to flash his teeth if the bathtub ever comes to life. (Don’t be concerned, Clark. That’s never going to happen.)


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