Dog Comforts His Crying Little Sister By Bringing Her His Favorite Toy

After their newborn Macie was released from the hospital in early July, Nick Elliott and his wife took her home. They were both overjoyed to learn that they would be introducing the newborn to her elder brother, Tommy, a two-year-old Doberman.

The dog has always been overly devoted and loyal to his parents, so they anticipated him to be the same with the new family member.

Nick stated to The Dodo:

“When we’ve had him with relatives, friends, and children in the past, his entire personality changes; he goes down on their level and just sleeps with them, allowing himself be touched; he is so loving and caring, it must be his natural tendency.”

CREDIT: Nick Elliott

Fortunately, the initial contact between the dog and the infant went as planned, and the pair was overjoyed to watch it.

Before the encounter, the pair sat Tommy on the couch and let his clothing scent before introducing him to Macie.

CREDIT: Nick Elliott

Nick continued:

“We brought Macie in, and he was naturally interested and kind.”

Everything appeared to imply that he had accepted her, for he had longed to be near to her since he saw her, but he did not dare to touch her.

CREDIT: Nick Elliott

Apparently, a new love relationship was formed amongst the family at that moment, but they had no idea Tommy would go farther. The dog indicated that he wanted to take care of her as well, and if his younger sister needed something, he seemed to be on the lookout for ways to assist and encourage her.

Nick remarked:

“She used to make a sad moan when she cried the first few days, but now she’s become used to all the different sounds and scents, so she doesn’t flinch; he goes by regularly and checks it, wags his tail a bit if she’s okay.”

CREDIT: Nick Elliott

But the most unexpected thing was about to happen, since Tommy, hearing his tiny sister weep from her bottle, decided to do something to comfort her. The dog decided to soothe Macie by giving him his beloved teddy bear while his mother was on his way to the kitchen to make a new bottle.

No one knew how the plush animal ended up close to Macie at the time, but they were surprised when they watched the baby monitor’s video.

Nick stated:

“After Hayley spotted [the teddy bear] with the baby and saw what he had done, we went through the tapes; he was wagging his little tail!”

The parents were taken aback by the tenderness of the moving moment, but they also realized they had an extra assistant to care for Macie.

CREDIT: Nick Elliott

Despite the fact that Macie has only been here for a month, everyone feels comfortable since they know her elder brother will always make her happy.

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