Dog Waited On The Porch For Weeks After His Family Moved Away

Cupid observed his family packing, loading boxes into their car, and driving away. He had no idea what was going on or why he hadn’t been invited to join them.

All he knew was that this was where he belonged. And he thought that if he waited long enough, his family would come back to him.


Neighbors reported a dog lying on the porch of a residence in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to Janine Guido, founder of Speranza Animal Rescue. “All I knew was that his owners had gone out and left him there,” Guido said to The Dodo. “When I asked other people if they knew anything about the dog, all they said was, ‘They moved out.’”

Guido noticed Cupid eating out of the dumpster, but when she approached him, he fled to his safe place. He leapt up and scratched at his door, pleading to be allowed in.

Guido’s heart was broken by that simple gesture.


Guido attempted to get Cupid to accept some food, but the scared dog escaped.

Guido eventually discovered out how to gain the dog’s trust after 30 minutes of pursuing him through alleyways. All she had to do was assure him that everything will be fine: “I know that seems stupid, but I swear he comprehended what I was saying to him,” Guido explained. “He literally came up and sat down, letting me collar him.”

Throughout the journey home, she began to describe what was happening to Cupid.


Cupid has been adjusting to his new circumstances since coming to the rescue.

“He’s been nothing but a gentleman since coming to our help,” Guido remarked. “You can see he’s still perplexed. But he greets everyone with a wagging tail.”


Cupid will be ready to start looking for his future home once he has completed all of his vet examinations. And Guido is hopeful that Cupid’s fortunes are going to change.

“I don’t believe it’ll be difficult to find since he’s the loveliest bou,” Guido added.

As he’s previously demonstrated, the devoted canine is willing to wait as long as it takes for the ideal family to appear.

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