Dog Wears A Bow Tie Everywhere He Goes So People Won’t Be Scared Of Him

Rome is a 5-year-old German shepherd who likes going on trips with his family. He enjoys swimming and hiking, and he occasionally runs ahead of his family on the trails, which is how they discovered that some people seemed to be terrified of him.


Rome is nearly a half-foot taller than other German shepherds his age, which may be scary to some. His family has seen that some people are afraid of German shepherds, who are sometimes incorrectly thought to be a “dangerous” breed. But, in reality, Rome has always been a gentle giant.

“He is the original baby of our family,” Rome’s mother, Mercedes Provost, told The Dodo. “He is quite cuddly and loving. Rome loves other dogs and is also wonderful with our 9-month-old son, who loves to play with his tail.”


While hiking, Provost saw that people would ask Rome whether he was friendly while backing away from him, so she had to be concerned about him coming across people on the route before the rest of his family had come up, as she didn’t want him to shock anybody. She was anxious to find a solution – and then one day, she unintentionally discovered it.

A bow tie.


“I spotted it at Target one day and thought it would look great on him,” Provost explained. “I had no idea that many people would agree!”

People reacted differently to Rome once he started wearing his bow tie out and about. His bow tie, rather than his size, became the first thing they noticed, and it let them appreciate what a silly, lovable dog he truly is.


“Almost everyone says how much they like it,” Provost added.

Rome now wears his bow tie or a nice little backpack wherever he goes. His costumes are bright and inviting, allowing others to view him as the gentle giant that his family has always known him to be.


He can now travel on all the trips he wants with his family, and he can easily approach anyone for petting and affection, since that’s all this huge, wonderful guy truly wants.

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