Earless Cat in recovery Finally finds forever Home and Gains a new Best Friend!

This is Potato! His friend is Horlick! And they were growing up together actually…!

With ear or no ear makes no difference can still be loved makes no difference to the personality, now this kitty found a best friend with the forever home

Potato—the handsome earless cat on the streets of China before getting rescued by a local shelter.

Potato’s rescuers found the po.or kitty in a [te.rri.ble] condition, he was [si.ck] and a.ban.doned for 2 years and was suffering from a rare [tu.mor] called ceruminous adenoma in his ear canals and ear flaps. After attempting to [re.move] the adenoma, the vets advised [re.moving] the cat’s canals and flaps entirely after the [tu.mor] returned in order to prevent it from coming back.

Potato is currently recovering quite well and managed to find a forever home and a new best friend, Horlick. The sweet cat’s new owners confirmed on Instagram that despite not having ears, he can still hear.

They are guessing that the dapper boy is around 6 years old and since Potato was adopted on 25 April, his owners decided to start celebrating that day as the cat’s birthday.

Thank you for taking in him. This is a beautiful cat he deserves a good life too

What a beautiful little sweetheart! So happy he has a forever home with a kit who already loves him!

Ears or no ears, he is a beautiful cat.

Pray he and his new family, and best friend, enjoy many years together!!

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