Exh.aus.ted Dog Was Discovered Swimming 135 Miles Offshore And Rescued By Oil Rig Workers!

So happy he was rescued!

The fact that he survived is a miracle. Hoping he continues to a good recovery.

When oil rig workers saw the dog in the middle of the sea more than 130 miles off the coast of Thailand, they couldn’t believe their eyes!!!

While many ter.ri.ble things occur in the world, there is always something very positive that occurs. Workers on an oil rig were taken aback a few days ago when they noticed a po.or dog swimming next to their drilling station.

The workers immediately tried to think of a way to save him, and eventually decided to tie a rope around him and pull him in. They were almost in a race against time because strong waves could wash him away.

Fortunately, a miracle happened to the po.or dog!

According to the photographer, Vitisak Payalaw, the dog was [exh.au.sted] when he managed to cling to the electric pole, but his intense desire for a life saved him!

The dog may have fallen into the sea from a fisherman or jumped from a ship where he was a.bu.sed; the dog was help.less and des.per.ate at sea until he was rescued. Before returning to land, the crew provided him with food and water. He was taken to a veterinarian in Songkhla, southern Thailand, where tests were performed to determine his health.

Thankfully, he is still in excellent health. The workers adored the dog, which they dubbed “Boonrod,” which means “spiritual contribution to future luck” in Thai.

One of the oil rig workers wanted to adopt this miracle dog because he believes their meeting was truly a miracle. People who heard the above story were impressed by this clever dog!

The dog is now healthy and playing happily; he fo.ught valiantly just like his name!

Thank the men aboard the Oil Rig for rescuing this dog from the water. Hope the dog is ok and can find a forever home and family!

God bless you all and this wonderful dog

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