Firefighters Use A Special Pet Oxygen Mask To Revive An Un.conscious Cat!

What a great innovative idea… 

Incredibly, the adorable cat was saved; thank you, angel firefighters!

Everyone is probably aware that the most dangerous aspect of a exp.los.ion is suffo.cation ra.ther than being bur.n.ed. Last Wednesday around noon, a [] out in a re.side.ntial building, and New Orleans Department personnel rushed to the scene.

Everyone was thankfully unharmed, but when firefighters discovered the cat un.consc.ious in a hallway near the, they quickly discovered it had as.phyx.iat.ed and pa.ssed out due to a lack of ox.ygen.

Two other cats in the house escaped safely. And this fa.inted cat was revived minutes after being put on an oxygen mask.

The cat looks adorable in a pet oxygen mask, just like an astronaut!

Fortunately, the orange tabby cat’s life was saved in time thanks to the use of a pet oxygen mask. We’re extremely grateful to whoever invented this amazing invention!

The cat is now recovering, according to Doug Cardinale of the New Orleans Department, he even joked that the cat seems to have eight lives left.

What a blessing for the lucky cat, and thank you to all the firefighters for everything you did for the world!!!!

This is awesome that they have made a special oxygen mask to save our furry 4-legged friends.
Thank you for saving this precious cat with this ingenious device!

God bless this Firemen for helping this precious cat

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