«From an old school bus into a dream house!»: This incredible transformation deserves our special attention

The couple bought a miserable school bus for pennies and turned it into a luxurious mobile house! To live and travel in such comfort and luxury is nothing but a dream!

Today’s article is about a couple from Florida who shared their incredible story with followers on Facebook. They both worked from home and didn’t have to go out. This led the spouses to start widely traveling and exploring new and interesting places.

A brilliant idea of purchasing a school bus for pennies came into their mind and they started acting. As all the buses they really liked were expensive and they had a limited budget, they determined to obtain an old school bus and transform it by themselves.

It took them no less than a year to transform the interior. Now, it is not only feasible to live there, but also a dream for millions around the world. There, one can find everything necessary for living. This is more than enough for two people.

There is electricity as well. They get power from 6000-watt solar panels installed on the roof and special batteries which is enough to ensure the operation of a powerful air conditioner and washing machine. Now, they can travel in comfort and luxury.

Within just 10 months, the couple managed to travel to 137 American towns. In 2020, they visited Brazil and many other counties. Unluckily, the pandemic and lockdown let them down and they had to delay their plans.

When there were no limitations anymore, they kept travelling and exploring the world. It stands to reason that they had no regrets about purchasing an old bus and making it a luxurious mobile house.

The spouses are happy that they are endowed with a great opportunity to live and travel in such comfort. They now have a luxurious house, travel across the world and need nothing else.

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