German shepherd found alive after being ‘’ in the Pacific Ocean for 5 weeks

She all the odds and surv.ived for five week in the Pacific

So glad she surv.ived and is back with her Human… That certainly is a miracle!
Dogs are so smart and amazing…!

A dog was [rep.orted mi.ssing] off the coast of San Diego, California, two miles from San Clement Island. After fell off a fishing boat. Surprisingly, she was found alive and healthy five weeks after!

Luna was with her owner, Nick Haworth on a commercial fishing boat when she fe.ll overboard. The owner [rep.orted her di.sappe.arance] and after days of searching the dog was eventually presumed []. Her owner searched the waters for about two days and Navy staff searched the island for about a week but found no sign of Luna.

However, after more than a month Luna was miraculously spotted on San Clemente Island, a Navy-owned training base 70 miles off San Diego.
So she wasn’t in the ocean 5 weeks but swam to the island.

So happy that sweet Luna made it to the island and surv.ived for five weeks!! What a true miracle!!

God bless you, Luna, and the humans who have rescued you!!!
God was watching over him or her…!

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