Hearing-Impaired Girl Teaches Her Deaf Dog To Communicate Using Sign Language

A deaf girl teaches her dog Walter, who is also deaf, to communicate with her. Chrissy, the 10-year-old girl’s mother, tells that when she first saw Walter, she knew he was the one for them, and that the dog waits for Julia to finish her responsibilities before going to play with her.

The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, based in Pasadena, California, USA, shared a video on Facebook about this wonderful connection.

In the video, Chrissy stated:

“When I was holding Julia in my arms at first, because she couldn’t really hear my voice, she would smell my neck. And when I first held Walter he did almost exactly the same thing.”

CREDIT: Chrissy

Julia has decided to teach Walter signs like ‘water,’ ‘food,’ and ’sit down,’ which he already knows owing to his great relationship with the small girl.

CREDIT: Chrissy

Chrissy wrote to the organization a month after Walter’s adoption to let them know how things were going.

She stated:

“Walter was meant to be a member of our family.”

CREDIT: Chrissy

Chrissy went on:

“He and Julia share a strong friendship. Julia has taken on the wonderful role of sister and enjoys teaching him sign language. I never made her feel different because of her hearing disability, and it’s incredible how she’s doing the same with Walter.”

CREDIT: Chrissy

“I love Walter, he’s my best friend,” the girl says in the popular video.

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