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VIDEO: Woman installs cameras in the cemetery to see her daughter’s grave and what she saw surprised everyone.

A Desperate Measure
A woman in New Mexico, United States, was forced to take extreme measures to protect her deceased son’s grave due to recurring acts of vandalism in the cemetery. He decided to install a surveillance camera in the hope of identifying those responsible for the damage.

A Surprising Revelation
However, what the camera captured that night exceeded all of the woman’s expectations. When reviewing the recordings, he came across the mysterious figure of a girl, who seemed to be standing in front of her son’s grave for several minutes, without making any movement.

The Mystery is Revealed
Full of curiosity, the woman consulted the cemetery caretakers, who recognized the figure as Fabiola, a girl who died in 2017 and whose grave was near that of her son. Fabiola’s mother, Saundra Gonzales, was also able to confirm that the figure captured on camera was that of her deceased daughter.

A Tragic Story
In an interview with Telemundo, Saundra revealed that Fabiola was the victim of a murder and that the person responsible has not yet been captured. This situation has prevented the little girl from resting in peace, generating concern in the afterlife.

Commotion and Debate in the Community
This surprising event has generated great commotion in the local community, fueling debates about the paranormal and life after death. Many wonder if these apparitions are spirits seeking justice or if there is a more earthly explanation for these phenomena.

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