Husband Tells Wife Of 25 Years ‘It’s Me Or The Dogs’, Her Choice Turns Heads

In June 2018, Liz and Mike Haslam’s 25-year marriage ended unexpectedly. The cause? Liz’s unwavering commitment to her 30 rescue dogs. Liz, a lifelong dog lover, ran a kennel business and founded BedforBullies, a charity rescuing Bull Terrier dogs.

Her devotion to these dogs strained her marriage, and when Mike issued an ultimatum – him or the dogs – Liz chose her canine companions. Since then, she’s continued to care for her dogs, spending around 18 hours a day on their well-being, despite facing financial challenges.

Among her 30 dogs, many have special needs, including deafness and vision impairments. Liz has taken in hundreds of rescue dogs over the years and also cares for holiday dogs to cover her expenses.

BedforBullies relies on donations and takes in dogs other rescues won’t. Despite financial difficulties, Liz remains content with her decision, prioritizing the welfare of these animals over her marriage.

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