Icy rain, a leaky booth and a puppy on a chain

From the window of her car, the woman noticed this dog was attached to a chain. When it rained outside, the frost caused the raindrops to freeze even before they reached the ground. The mother only understood the baby’s behavior when she approached because it made no attempt to hide inside the booth.

The woman saw the puppy chained up through the window of her car. When raindrops hit the ground, they are frozen by the frost because it is pouring outside. The mother didn’t even realize what was happening until she got closer, and the baby didn’t even try to hide in the booth. The booth had a large dog curled up inside of it, and it flatly refused to let the puppy inside.

The puppy was chained to a post, and there were bowls nearby. Nearby, there was a railway that had not been utilized in a very long time as well as an abandoned gatehouse. It wasn’t clear what the puppy could defend in this situation. The baby was not frequently fed, based on what was in the bowls. While the other was empty, the first included the remains of bones.
The woman started to visit and feed the dog on a regular basis. The baby’s food was stolen by a pack of dogs nearby, so the mother remained with the child until it finished eating everything. For days, nobody came to the gatehouse. It soon became clear that the same onlooker who had placed the bones in the bowl had also felt sorry for the baby.

The woman made sure the dog was fed each day and paid a visit. Several dogs were waiting for this opportunity and made an attempt to take the baby’s food, but their benefactor held them off until the puppy completed all of its portion.

No one was nearby during this time, there were no indications that someone was in the gatehouse, it became clear that no one was taking care of the dog, and the remains of the bones that the lady had seen on the day of their first meeting were helped by sympathetic bystanders.

We were asked by a woman to find a home for a puppy. However, despite our best efforts, we were unable to locate a suitable site. We currently take sanctuary in an apartment where cats and dogs live.

We discovered the infant’s closest temporary care facility in Yekaterinburg. The dog was taken to the veterinarian right away; once the test results are in, it will be castrated, and adoption efforts will start.

The dog proved to be quite affectionate. It’s hard to imagine that such a precious creature was bound. Thomas is the name of the child, and it needs a family who will love and care for it. Thomas will fully repay you for your efforts.

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