Little Dog Is Overjoyed To Visit Her Best Friend In The Hospital

Of course, when Maria Eduarda was diagnosed with cancer and had to spend weeks in the hospital, it was a trying period in more ways than one. Being away meant being separated from her beloved small dog, Amora, who awaited her return home.

“I really missed her since we’re inseparable,” Eduarda told The Dodo.

But, in addition to the regular therapy, Eduarda was given the best medicine available.


Eduarda’s mother was aware of her daughter’s feelings for Amora, so she devised a plan to surprise her daughter. Eduarda hadn’t seen her dog in over a month at that point. But it quickly changed.

“She and my doctor made arrangements for Amora to come see me,” Eduarda explained. “It was a memorable day.”

And with that, Amora and Eduarda were reunited, and it became evident that the small puppy had missed her just as much:

To say the least, it was an emotional occasion. The manner that visit raised Eduarda’s spirits, on the other hand, was infinitely more durable.


“Having her with me reminded me of home and helped me to continue with the belief that everything would be OK and that things would return to normal soon,” Eduarda explained.

Thankfully, a return to normalcy was not far away.


“I’m still having cancer treatment now, but I’m at home with Amora,” Eduarda explained. “She knows who I am and looks after me. She can tell whether I’m depressed, unwell, or upset. We are inseparable. I go through the entire therapy procedure with her, and she keeps me going.”


Eduarda is still on the mend, but with Amora at her side, it’s a journey she won’t have to do alone.

“I’m her human, and I adore her,” Eduarda explained.

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