Man adopts stray pregnant pitbull about to give birth at any time

One man knew that he wanted to adopt a mama-dog-to-be at the shelter.

The relationship they have is just too cute!

There are all sorts of animals to take home when heading to an animal shelter. Most of the time, people are interested in the young, more well-known breeds, but that isn’t for everyone!

Senior dogs and dogs with disabilities are in just as much need as other dogs! Not everyone’s life situation lends itself to being able to adopt a dog with needs, but for the rare person with a big heart who goes into a shelter LOOKING to adopt a dog with some needs, the possibilities are endless.

Pregnant dogs are incredibly hard to find homes for, mostly because people don’t want to deal with a litter of puppies right after they bring their new dog home! While that may seem like an inconvenience for most people, it was exactly what Joshua Feeney wanted.

Josh just thought it would be “neat” to take in a pregnant dog! The sweet girl was found homeless at his friend’s cottage and he knew that the moment was meant for him. She had never been inside a house and immediately adapted to home life. It was clear that she was fully trusting of Josh and knew she was totally safe. Once she was settled in, he gave her the name Kaia.

Josh carried her almost everywhere since she was so pregnant! He bought her a whelping tub (a big pool with some blankets inside) and would come home from work just to lay around with her in it! As she got closer to the “big moment”, Josh did his best to take care of all of her needs.

She was acting more and more like she was ready to give birth!

Josh knew it was getting close to the time when he started hearing some funny noises coming from her big ol’ belly! Within a week she had started giving birth. She started with one puppy and popped another one out every hour through the night!

In the end, she had six healthy pups. Josh knew that from the ease that she took care of things, this wasn’t her first go-round. Despite one little pup not making it through the birthing process, they still had a healthy litter of 6 pups to take care of!

Josh brought her food and water as she fed and took care of the litter. As soon as the pups got older she started to move around a lot more. Once she was mobile, so were the pups! They loved to chase her around the house, always begging for more food. At around 9-10 weeks she started to treat her pups less like puppies and more like friends.

Mama and the pups would play in the yard, living the absolute best life ever!

Soon, it was time to get all those doggos adopted. They were in the house for around 16-weeks but it was time to give mama a break. Slowly but surely all the pups left the house and it was back to just Josh and Kaia! Like all parents, seeing off the kids is hard, but necessary. All of it was thanks to Josh who decided to take in a dog that needed some special help!

Now Kaia is just as gentle and loving as she has ever been! Check out the video below!

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