Man Comforts Dogs To Comfort Them After A Surgical Procedure

When you’re a puppy growing up in a shelter, life may be frightening. It’s particularly terrifying when you’ve just been placed under anesthesia by a team of people wielding cutting equipment, but Dennis Moses comes into play after surgery, comforting canines like infants when they wake up from surgery.

Dennis works as a surgical assistant at the BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore, Maryland, where he consoles pets after surgery. When the procedure is over, he takes the puppy and holds it around like a baby to console him.

Dennis is shown in a video released on Facebook by barCS Animal Shelter comforting a dog named Meesha after she has been sterilized, showering her with kisses and loving words.

“I was speaking to her, singing to her,” Dennis explained. “If you’ve ever had an operation, you wake up not knowing where you are,” he explained. “It’s frightening even for dogs and cats, especially when they’re at a shelter and so young.”

When Meesha wakes up from anesthesia and cries in distress, Dennis holds her close and sings sweetly to her. When asked which song he selected to sing to Meesha, he responded “Ten Little Froggies,” a children’s song that he used to sing to his sister.

Despite the fact that Dennis has no idea where Meesha came from, he is just concerned with soothing all of the dogs that walk through the operation room every day without knowing their tales. He is concerned with ensuring that canine procedures are performed safely and that each dog is at ease.

Dennis believes Meesha was found as a stray or abandoned at a shelter by her previous owner, but whatever her background, she has been adopted and is happy in her forever home.

We hope that more people will be encouraged to visit a shelter and adopt one of those dogs who, while we don’t always know what happened to them, need a family who will love them and give them a lifelong home.

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