Man Does Amazing Things For His Blind 3-Legged Dog To Enjoy The Outdoors Together

He only cares about what his dog likes

From the archive comes the moving story of an owner named Josh over his blind three-legged dog named Keller, who strives to spend his precious time with the dog. enjoy life outdoors.

While enjoying his hobby of soldering, Josh came up with an idea that was not only fun, but also helped his dog Keller have a good time outdoors with him. Josh’s creations have received some unexpected reactions around the town he lives in, people looking at me strangely, but I don’t care. Keller loves it! that’s important to him.

Josh describes: Keller is a mix of Akita/Chow – or “Chiquita”, She was born blind and suffers from dwarfism. Things go awry and her eyes are never seen. Josh named the dog after Helen Keller, who brought the Akita breed to America.

Josh explains further. Keller’s original owner took her down. “She ran away and was picked up at the shelter where I volunteered. I fell in love with Keller the first time we met.”

Here are some pictures and stories of Josh and Keller:

Josh started welding as a hobby and came up with this for his kayak (I live very close to the Niagara River). I soon discovered an easy way for my Keller girl to get out and have fun!

She loves outdoor adventures! Here’s her taking a walk in Allegany State Park. “

I decided to work on the idea… And started soldering some more.”

Keller seems to like it already!

This is a caricature of our first trip. Made in MS Paint by a friend of mine. Yeah, he’s pretty awesome.

“Love and lick for you all.”

“I love my completely normal dog!”

Published with permission of Josh W. This article was originally published on January 16, 2014.

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