Man Finds Helpless Dog With His Tongue Frozen And Stuck In Sewer

 A sick dog’s tongue became stuck to a manhole cover in the bitter cold.

The crying dog was desperately trying to free its own frozen tongue when a Good Samaritan rushed in to help with the remedy.

When a passerby saw the poor animal’s plight, he ran over and poured water from his bottle down his tongue in an effort to raise his temperature and free him.

The dog is seen moving around as the man slowly pours the liquid.

After being freed, the dog was relieved to approach the man and receive a stroke.

The dog’s owner or whether it was a stray are both unknown, as is whether it received veterinary care.

The video was recorded in Vladivostok, Russia, on Thursday.

The dog’s tongue got stuck in a frozen well, and the good Samaritan used warm water to free it.

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