Man Moving Into New House Finds A Dog Chained Up In The Basement

Staff at Stray Rescue of St. Louis got a heartbreaking call earlier this month. It came from a new homeowner who was preparing to move into his new house.

“I recently purchased a home, and there is a pit bull tied up in the basement,” he explained. “I have no idea how long it’s been down there.”

Rescuers hurried to the house, where they were told a squatter had been staying for some time, leaving behind waste, debris… and a precious life alone in the cold and darkness. Fortunately, the tiny puppy was discovered in time to be rescued.

And she couldn’t be more overjoyed about it.

“We noticed a wagging tail when we opened the basement door and pointed our flashlight down,” Natalie Thomson, the group’s communications director, told The Dodo. “She was almost choking on her excitement at seeing us. She couldn’t stop leaping up and down and giving us hugs once we set her free.”


No one knows who or why the dog was abandoned, but it was apparent she wouldn’t have survived much longer.

“We couldn’t see any food or water dishes,” Thomson added. “She wasn’t spayed and didn’t have a microchip.”

But she felt she was secure now: “Due to her joy, we named her Jumping Bean!”

Here’s a video of the moment Jumping Bean

What contributes to the lonely and restrictive situation? Jumping Bean was discovered in all the worse because she has such an overwhelming passion for life — and her need to be loved.

Thomson described her demeanor as “absolutely charming.” “She adores everyone she encounters and is desperate for attention. She makes certain that she is not neglected! She’s a lively and friendly puppy! She is always in a good mood.”

And it’s obvious.


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