Man Wants Fiancée’s Hymen Checked By His Dad in Front of Family So They Know She’s Still ‘Pure’

A woman in the throes of an unfathomable predicament was about to tie the knot with the love of her life. Her fiancé’s family made an absurd request that rocked her to her core and made her doubt the entire basis of their relationship, turning her dreamy engagement into a terrifying ordeal.

The woman had thought that her fiancé was the one for her, and that their relationship was really unique. With two days to go, their little, private wedding was almost imminent. Everything appeared to be going well, and their love was blossoming. But destiny had another surprise in store.

The woman’s fiancé approached her two days prior to their special day with an unusual request that completely confused her. In order to confirm her virginity, he asked her if his father may examine her hymen in front of his brothers and uncles. Her fiancé emphasized that he was dead serious, even though at first she wrote it off as a weird joke.

He clarified that the custom in their family was for the father to check the bride’s virginity the evening before the wedding in order to ensure she remained pure. This request not only made the woman uncomfortable, but it also greatly distressed her. She was unable to comprehend how this custom violated her privacy.

Her fiancé persuaded her to proceed with it in spite of her hesitation, saying it was evidence of her love for him. He even went so far as to say that if she didn’t follow this antiquated tradition, he had something to conceal.

The woman’s first instinct was to run away since she was so shocked. She departed, leaving her fiancé in tears, and she called the farewell “dramatic.” She was caught between her shock at the request and her love for her fiancé.

The woman considered going through with this bizarre ceremony just to gain acceptance into the family. She took solace at a friend’s house while attempting to make sense of everything. She was determined to establish her boundaries and make her position known when she met with her fiancé the next morning.

Her fiancé persisted, saying the ceremony was required in order for their wedding to go ahead. The situation escalated even more when he accused her of hiding something. The woman made an effort to maintain her composure and reason, saying that if he really loved her, he would support her and not put her through this kind of situation. She thought he would see sense and agree with her, but she was taken aback by his response.

Her fiancé turned to violence instead of supporting her. Declaring he had nothing to prove, he slapped her. The woman discovered, in one agonizing instant, that the man she had once considered to be ideal was, in fact, someone quite different.’

The woman, devastated and taken aback by the sudden turn of events, took the agonizing decision to call off their wedding. Her world had collapsed and she was inconsolable. Her friend’s encouragement gave her comfort because it was a safe place for her to process her feelings and gather the strength to go on.

In this narrative, the woman encountered an extremely difficult circumstance that made her rethink her relationship and her fiancé’s actual nature. It’s a sobering reminder of how crucial it is to uphold one’s limits and have the guts to challenge customs that infringe upon one’s individuality and dignity.

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